Taking care of people, we develop with them

Corporate social responsibility is an important area of the ​​business development of BF Tanker LLC. We are continuously improving the environment for advanced training and competence, we encourage self-development and personal initiative for all employees of our team, regardless of their rank. We highly value the personal achievements of our employees, as shipowners, we regularly recommend our best seamen for rewards and apply to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation to honor Captains and Chief Engineers with medals for trouble-free sailing.

The company provides additional payments to the crew for washing and stripping of tanks, and the successful vetting inspection.


Vacancies for the fleet

We invite officers and ratings with experience of working on oil tankers. Fill in the seaman’s questionnaire attached below and send it us per email to: personal@bftanker.ru.

Joining date Rank Vessel’s type/     DWT Engine’s type/ HP Remark Office/ Manager
Electro-technical Officer
RST 54 oil tanker/5589 Wartsila 6L20 Work experience on modern ships with A1 automation class. Salary – 92,400 before tax


St. Petersburg

the Application form of a Seaman DOCX, 1784  Kb

Vacancies for the office