Shipping company “BF Tanker” LLC (license for the carriage of dangerous goods by water transport MR-1 No. 002034 dated 04/29/2016) occupies one of the leading positions in the market of inland water cargo transportation in Russia. The geography of the company’s fleet includes sea and river ports in Russia, Europe, Africa, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, as well as inland waterways of the Russian Federation.

The company’s fleet includes tankers of the RST-27 and RST-27M projects, along with combined vessels of the RST-54 project. The RST-27 tanker is a proven project that has already become the standard for transportation on the inland waterways of the Russian Federation in the segment of modern tonnage. Since 2012, 42 tankers of the RST-27 project have been built and operated by various shipping companies.

The company also owns chemical tankers of the RST-27M project. They are unique in their design and can simultaneously carry up to 3 different types of cargo (3 segregated compartments). Vessels of this type also have an extended chemical class, increased carrying capacity, greater volume of cargo tanks, and additional stern discharge.

The RST-27M project is a development of the classic RST-27, and at present the RST-27M vessels are operated only by BF Tanker.

Combined vessels of the RST-54 project are designed to carry both oil and dry deck cargo. Due to their design, these vessels can transport liquid cargo in cargo tanks, and on the deck – crushed stone, heavy, oversized and project cargo, containers, vehicles with the ability to load and unload on their own.

The company also actively engages a third-party fleet for the transportation of oil products along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation and  international routes.

Structure of standard vessel voyages of RST-54

Provisional route of RST-54 project vessels with fuel oil

Provisional route of RST-54 project vessels with rubble, project and other deck cargo